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Using EVO – in your home kitchen





Using EVO at home

Evo is being used by professional commercial chefs. Many restaurants and institutional kitchens have found Evo offers them an economical, healthy, pure, and green tool in their food preparation. Now those professional experiences and Evo’s benefits are available for the home. Evo is perfect for spraying oils in your pans and baking ware, and for adding flavor to your food. Whether frying, sautéing, roasting, baking, grilling, or flavoring, Evo enhances your cooking with the pure, healthy, and safe oils of your choice. Evo sprays ¼ teaspoon with every trigger pull to ensure healthier and more accurate recipe’s for your family with much less waste making Evo the most valuable tool in your home kitchen.

Evo is an attractive design meant to be displayed in your kitchen. The bottle shape has been designed to be stable, and the elongated neck and ergonomic trigger make it easy to use. By spraying pure oils, you maintain the purity of your foods, and you eliminate the dangers of highly pressurized and sometimes flammable aerosols from your kitchen. We provide a handy funnel to help you re-fill Evo. We want you to use Evo repeatedly, so we designed a funnel that screws securely on to the bottle. The funnel has a clever molded spout so that if you overfill Evo, it’s easy to pour some oil back into the bulk oil jug. We even have a molded hook so that you can conveniently store the funnel right on the bulk oil jug handle. We even thought of how to label Evo with the type of oil inside. We provide printed rubber bands so you can put the name of the oil right on the neck of the bottle – it’s easy and fun to use the rubber bands, and it’s easy to switch the oils if you want.

Fan Spray

Evo’s nozzle is specially designed to spray in a vertical or horizontal fan spray pattern. This special pattern allows for more control and more precise application of your favorite oils.

Aerosol Alternative

Use Evo to spray your favorite oils instead of using aerosol sprayers. Unlike most aerosols, Evo sprays pure oil, without additives or propellants, and Evo can be re-filled and re-used.

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