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EVO in the Commercial Kitchens

Evo was first developed for commercial food service establishments.
We knew Chefs would embrace a technology that provided precise applications of oil, so that recipes, calories, and nutrition could all be precisely calculated and repeated. Evo dispenses ¼ teaspoon each and every time, which Chefs love for recipe consistency and calorie control. Saving money by offering a technology that would be re-used, and where chefs could purchase the pure oils of their choice in bulk, were also powerful benefits.

One of the important innovations in EVO is the fan spray pattern. Our research and our real world testing told us that spraying oil in a fan pattern, as opposed to a conical pattern, gave chefs more control and precision. A fan pattern is better suited to a flattop and to a grill, and a fan pattern is better when spraying oil directly on to food (for example, shish kebabs or fish fillets).

The most popular size of EVO in commercial kitchens is 32 oz. That size offers a nice balance between the ease of use, weight when full, and less frequent re-filling. In real life testing in people’s homes, we found that most people thought 32 oz was too much. The bottle was too big and some thought it too heavy. We tried many different sizes and came to the conclusion that 18 oz of oil was just right for the home kitchen.

Fan Spray

Evo’s nozzle is specially designed to spray in a vertical or horizontal fan spray pattern. This special pattern allows for more control and more precise application of your favorite oils.

Aerosol Alternative

Use Evo to spray your favorite oils instead of using aerosol sprayers. Unlike most aerosols, Evo sprays pure oil, without additives or propellants, and Evo can be re-filled and re-used.

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